sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

A Note to Somebody

I built a home
For you and for me
At the highest mountain
In the chest of the highest tree.

Ahead, the forest,
Crowned by vast green,
Dances when the wind blows
And welcomes nests in due time.

There, the shore
Lies sleepy under the sea
Which waves my wonderful boat
Named Pasárgada, the walker of the world.

Here, a few clouds
Covers these abundant skies,
Like a red curtain covers a theater stage
To reveal the myriad of actors from day and night.

It's all done:
The porch to enjoy the view,
The sweet tea to taste while seeing the sea
And a constellations' map to name all the stars above.

I built a home
For you and for me
But you did not come to me,
Neither warned me if you are safe and fine.

So I got to leave our home
To a beautiful and miserable moon
That shone brighter, invaded the wide room,
Showed no respect for the place I had carefully prepared for you.

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